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For more comprehensive data try PocketNEMPocketNEM logo for a mobile data app servicing the Australian National Energy Marketing


Launch of PocketNEM Mobile App

PocketNEM logo for mobile data app


Australian National Energy Market (NEM) now has a hot new app: PocketNEM. It is an up-to-the-minute overview of the energy industry right in your pocket.

Delvering essential data collated in informative tables and graphs to readily increase awareness leading to a faster and more comprehensive grasp of the events as the occur in the energy market - so vital for serious participants in the trade.

The app is built by long-standing Australian Energy Trading professionals specifically for the Australian National Energy Market. An industry that relies on intelligent, analytical and clear-thinking by both energy traders and energy power producers needed a tool to readily deliver critical data. PocketNEM evolved out of this need. Once fully subscribed to, all vital data is as close as your pocket on the screen of your iPhone.

In the palm of your hands have an instant overview of current trading prices all within one visually informative screen, or drill down to real-time graphing of strategic data, or gain detailed insight into specific power plant performances. Try the app today. Download is free.

The PocketNEM app is built for iPhone and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Products and Services

A Little Help

Sometimes a business just needs a helping hand. You may have staff on leave, you may have a busy period or a just a new project. That could be a cue to just call in someone who doesn't need to be trained for the job, and can be easily brought in for just a short convenient period.

I have done most things in an Energy Trading department. If your team needs an extra hand for a project or just day to day work to get you through a difficult period, I am available at reasonable rates commensurate with the work required.

  • Application support
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Help with your annual policy review


If you are looking for a new solution to an old (or new) problem, I just might have a great idea for you. Need something done, but you are too busy to explain it in detail let alone do the job? You need someone with experience in the industry. I can even help you build new systems.

  • Build custom/bespoke systems
  • Document existing systems
  • Review, enhance or write policies or procedures


Consultants are in some ways like information bees, carrying their experience to your business to help germinate ideas and share knowledge. You gain that when you employ new staff, but you can’t keep adding new permanent staff. Grab a consultant for a fresh burst of ideas.

  • Advising
  • Training

AGL Energy’s Dr Paul Simshauser engaged Red Dolphin Systems to provide systems, support and assist in running the NEM’s most highly regarded one day Introduction to the Electricity and Carbon Markets workshop. To cement knowledge and understanding, the session includes lectures and hands-on simulations. The workshop is suited to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how the physical and financial markets work in a carbon tax environment. No prior knowledge is required.

Register your interest in the course via email to and we will let you know when the next is happening.